SofimshA Extrusion Fails

The model (SofismshC SLN) is generated in Grasshopper, and it works in Sofistik.

The error occurs when I try to extrude them to QUAD in SofimshA

    +PROG   SofimshA urs:3
    SYST    REST

    GRP 11
    QUAD    PROP    MNO 1   T   10[mm]
    EXTR    TYPE    FROM    TO  PATH    V1  V2  V3  DIV
            SLN     'GRP'   1   DIR      0   0   0.5  1  

It shows errors as below

   Output on file 1. Run me.plb
   Project data base 1. Run me.cdb        -     3. access
   Workspace                    38.1 Megabyte
   +++++ error no.  2300 in program SM_EXTR_SELECT_EDGE ; input line:   11
   Unsupported option: GRP not recognized or incompatible within this context
   +++++ error no.  2241 in program SM_EXTR_EXTRUDE ; input line:   11
   No elements could be detected.
   +++++ warning no.  2165 in program SM_EXTR_EXTRUDE ; input line:   11
   Input is not supported for a dynamic group divisor GDIV<0

I tried GRP w/ and w/o quatation marks, the same errors

The teddy files are attached, please remove “.dat” , unzip it and run “1. Run me.dat”. (5.4 KB)

EXTR TYPE beam FROM grp TO 1 PATH dir V1 0 V2 0 V3 0.5 DIV 1
EXTR TYPE sln FROM 1001 TO 1400 PATH dir V1 0 V2 0 V3 0.5 DIV 1