SofiCAD 2024 Autocad / AEC Launching Error

Sofistik 2024-0, Civil 3D.
No AutoCAD 2024 installed since Civil 3D has all the Autocad capabilities.

When launching SofiCAD 2024 Autocad / AEC, it shows

Can’t find acui24.dll, anav.dll, dswhip.dll, heidi16.dll.

But those dll are in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2024\

Dear @netsonic_Sofistik,

thanks for your interest in SOFiSTiK products and especially one of my favorite ones, SOFiCAD :wink:
What you describe here sounds like a very special case, and not something general.

If you wish a thouroughly investigation further, please send us an E-Mail with your problem description at our support E-Mail address support(a)

Or the most comfortable way would be to open SOFiSTiK Application Manager, go to the support assistant:

and follow the steps there (give your client number and everything is required)

A colleague of mine will get in contact with you and look closer to your issue.

I am looking forward to hear from you with impression after you get it installed.

All the best to You!