Soficad 2020 file not working in Soficad 2018

Hi! I downloaded Soficad 2020 few day ago, and I finished my whole project yesterday. Today I tried to open it at my colleagues 2018 Soficad, so he can check if everything was ok, but we couldn´t open it. It shows lines, moved from where they should be and they are somehow blocked. We can´t move or erase them. Although al positions are where they should be, just the lines are gone.
We are both new to Soficad, and we have no idea what should we do.
Hope you can help me :frowning:

Regards, Stasha

Dear Stasha,

files opened and saved with a newer program version cannot be used backwards. If you save a file in SOFiCD 2020 it is not possible to work on that file in an older version like SOFiCAD 2018 .
If you want to exchange data our friends need the same program version, or **you save your project with a new name first and use the command explode all. Now the full drawing is transformed in dumb lines. But you can open this file in an older version. Be very careful with this option !!!