SLS reinforcement design with stress limit

I was wondering wether we are able to calculate a reinforcement section with steel stress limit to 300 MPa for example for rare combination. I saw in the manual that we’re able to check it with CHKS but it does not give a new section. I need to get the section that respects the citeria of the steel limit imposed.

Thank you in advance

I am assuming you mean the NSTR CHKS command/option in AQB?

To my understanding the main purpose of this option is to:

  • Calculate the stress/strain distribution (e.g. for a specific crack width requirement)
  • Perform secondary checks on the material that usually aren’t a big issue in design (e.g. limiting concrete pressure in SLS design)

If you are checking reinforcement needs in ALS you should probably use the DESI command with option STAT ACCI (or STAT ULTI and change the safety coefficients)