"Sleep on tension anchor by Prestressing system" (German: Schlupf am Spannanker bei Spannverfahren)

Hello dear Community

I get a Warning message like the one below:
(420: Strand 6: Slip extends to the opposite end!)
German: (420) Strang 6: Schlupf reicht bis zum gegenüberliegenden Ende!

I figured out it has something to by the “Sleep on tension anchor” (Schlupf am Spannanker), which basic value is 6.00 mm.

Now, if I defined it to be equal to 1.00 mm, then I don’t get a warning. But the point is, I want to understand what I’m doing.

If you could help me in order to define it, it would be a great help to me!

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I need Help please


Schlupf am Spannanker means “setting of wedges”. It is standard thing in prestressing.
Warning that you get is about stress losses due to the setting of the wedges of prestressing anchor.
Due to the wedge setting you have loss of prestressing force in certain length of tendon. In case that you have higher value of wedge setting you got longer length of tendon influenced by this setting.
Warning you got is that this length is longer then length of tendon you are tensioning.
When you apply lower value of wedge setting you got lower length of tendon that is influenced by wedge setting and in case of 1mm for wedge setting length influenced by the setting is shorter then tendon length - and you do not get warning.