Slabs on beams - effective flange width

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I want to analyse two-way concrete floor slabs on beams. How should I be specifying the effective flange width of the supporting T beams to get a reasonable deflection estimation for slabs? I referred to the tutorial regarding T beam philosophy and understood that it does not matter to the performance of the beam, but my interest here lies with the performance of the slab affected by the supporting beams.

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Hello Amila

The effective width of a T-beam should be calculated according to the Eurocode 2.

EN 1992-1-1 > chapter 5.3.2 Geometric data > Effective width of flanges (all limit states)

Additional to the ASE manual you could have a look at the TEDDY example about t-beams.

TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > deutsch/english > ase3_t_beam_test.dat

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Thank you for your guidance.