Shear Cut - CS


I have a question about defining Shear Cut. I defined it as shown in the picture, but there is a problem with it, so do you know what is wrong?

Thank you in advance…

As soon as the cross section has a slight asymmetry, Si is not recognized as 0, but by the algorithm as 0.00xx.
since Si is the denominator, TvII becomes disproportionately large.
TvII =√( (VyFvy)² + (VzFvz)² ) * |Z/Zmax - D/Dmax| / ZII
This can be checked in the Report Browser, 0 < Fvy < 1 and 0 > Fvz > -1 must be fulfilled. (ECHO SECT EXTR)

The workaround would be to define the shear cuts differently, see picture.

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Your SOFISTiK Support Team