Selecting cross-section PARTIALLY for quantity determination

Is it possible to select the cross-section partially for the quantity take off?
I have seen for superstructure it’s pre-defined and so possible to select partially (half) of the area… I was wondering if it is possible for other structures too (i.e. foundation, columns, etc)


That is also possible.
You just have to devide the family (structure). E.g. split the front area of the family in half and assign the newly created face to a variable.
Here it doesn’t matter if you want to assign areas or volumes. You just have to select the necessary element and assign it to the variable.

Here are the SOFiSTiK bridge modeler commands used:

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Thank you Frederik for the answer!
I have already created the lines to segregate the faces; however, how do I assign it to the shared parameter so that it can be detected for the quantification?
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Well, this is descirbed in the linked documentation.
The chapters “Asign” and “Asign to Profile” explain the workflow step by step.