Seismic Analysis and Design (Rhino and GH Workflow)

Dear Sofistik Team,

I am currently utilizing Rhino/GH for geometry modeling and load applications for an 8-storey building project. My next step involves conducting seismic analysis and design. However, I’ve encountered challenges in defining the storey levels within Rhino/GH, as well as calculating the Center of Rigidity and Center of Mass. These tasks are crucial for the Earthquake RSA task in SSD. While researching solutions, I came across references to these capabilities in SofiPlus and Revit workflows.

Could you kindly provide guidance on how to achieve these tasks within my current workflow? Alternatively, is there a method to accomplish them using Teddy? How about the design elements for the shear and core design?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gutierrez

Hi Sebastian,
I have one tip: Please use a SOFiPLUS-project - for example our tutorial under
and export from SOFiPLUS without option “Process immediately” (see 01a.jpg). In created file “…_msh.dat” you find a SOFiMSHC-input for the storey levels (SLVL) which you can adopt to your project as a Teddy input.

Design-Elements you must define with PROG DECRATOR, more informations you find in Teddy under “File - Examples - decreator” in example “decreator_05_seismic_analysis.dat”.

Best regards,