Section Points - MNO 0

As I need to find the stress in some points in my section, I defined points that I added in the section attributes as seen in the picture below:

Therefore, in the Teddy generated, a MNO 0 is affected to those points, and I am not being able to find the points in the Design results in Wingraf :

When I remove MNO 0, I get the result I want.

So I need to know how to remove the MNO 0 generated from Grasshopper not manually, but automatically from the Grasshopper canva

Thank you in advance

Best regards,
Christel S.

Hello Christel

Thanks for your request.
At the moment the command “Section from BREP > Pts” adds a geometric cross-section point (MNO 0) and not a stress point.

In order to add a stress point you have to insert the point as a user Text (“Section Attributes”).
You can keep the modelling process parametrised by joining a user text and a number.

We have added the distinction between stress and geometric points to our wish list.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team