Secondary groups in SOFiPLUS

I’ve been using secondary groups a lot in the past while programming in Teddy.

I’ve now started modelling a structure in SOFiPLUS and it would seem that using secondary groups in SOFiPLUS is not possible? Is this correct?

Dear Mrch,

correct, it’s not possible to use secondary groups in SOFiPLUS.

Cheers, Adrian

hm, that’s disappointing :frowning:

Thanks for reply

Even if it is not possible in SofiPlus to use secondary groups, you can add them later on for further use.

  • First do you modelling in SofiPlus and export it.
  • Afterwards you can define secondary groups in a Texttask using SofimshA (hint: use “SYST REST”), like you did already in Teddy.

From now on you can use secondary groups like you are used to. E.g. in Grafics, BEMESS


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