I’m writing this post for Sofistik team so that they could improve schedule in future versions.
When creating schedule in Word for variable reinforcement, shape image represents only one segment length, as shown in the picture below.
I would like that image shows only parameter (even if in settings shape images and their segment lengths are set to value, as it is in Report Browser ) or first and last segment length, so that it is clear that this position is variable.
Also, I would like a different arrangement/design of table for varying positions, maybe something like in Report Browser, which is so much clearer then word.

I hope you adopt some of the suggestions and improve the schedule in future versions.
Keep up the good work.

Hello @DraKor,

A first improvement you will see in the upcoming Service Pack which will come in the second half of february. The picture will be drawn after the last subposition. In your example between rows for mark 10.5 and 11.

For further improvement we will take into consideration your request regarding the paramaters/values on the drawn position in the schedule.

Thanks for your remark!