Schedule Bending Parameters

Hi there, I have a short question.
Is it possible in a bending schedule for bars to display the parameters A and B with decimal numbers?

For instance, when looking at the following image:

Bar 1 has a length of 1.4m, but the two parameters A and B are both 1m, adding up to 2m in total …

I’m unsure of where to find the setting for printing these parameters, I have looked into the Stli.ini and stli.000 files and I think it might be in this block of settings;

Position= 1   90    Pos.|
Stueck= 2   90    Stk.|
Durchm= 3   80    d|
Laenge= 4  130    Länge|
Rollen_dm= 5   70    dbr|ds
Form_typ= 6   50    Typ|
Biegeform= 7  900    Biegeform|
Gesamtlg= 8  150    Ges.L|
Gewicht= 9  150    Gewicht|kg
Dim_a= 1  100    A
Dim_b= 2  100    B
Dim_c= 3  100    C
Dim_d= 4  100    D
Dim_e= 5  100    E
Dim_h= 6  100  H

However, changing the Bendingshape_mm setting doesn’t seem to help and also seems to be missing from the documentation.
Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

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Hello @Eduard,

You are mixing the 2 schedules.

Editing the -.ini files will apply changes only for the “old” reinforcement schedule. Which with the release of the 2022 version will no longer exist in Reinforcement Detailing

To get the values instead of parameters in bending shape pictures from DOCX schedule, you have to do the following settings:

Make sure you pointed our the desired template. The DOCX template is also customizable.
Have a look in our online documentation how you can do this.

Regarding the rounding of the values, RCD is using the roundings from Revit, so check in Reinforcement Setting what options you have done for rebars:

Enjoy it! :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for the late reply

Thank you Andrei, this is precisely what we were looking for!

Hi Eduard,

I’m glad I could help.

I see that you are using the german schedule. Under the Settings button in the right (in SOFiSTiK Reinforcement tab from Revit) there is an “Other” button. Click it, then go to “Content Folder” and in
“C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\sofistik_reinforcement_detailing_2020.bundle\Contents\content\reinforcement\user\DE” (if you let the installation by default) there is a Revit Template created by our subsidiary company BiMOTiON. This template has already some settings in Revit and RCD already done to help you work with the program “out of the box” or at least to have a starting point in customizing your company template.

BiMOTiON is taking care of our clients which are not that experienced with revit or the ones that need to refine their skills. I strongly recommend their help for training or as consultant to implement BIM in your company. Check their website