SBIM Familie Category in Revit made with Bridge

Not a structural engineer. I’m an architect assigned to help with infrastructure and bridge project in Revit.
I see that all SBIM families are generic models, including the axis. Is there a setting to control that as the components are first made in the model? What is the normal workflow?

Also all views including the plan views are with section view families. Is this normal?

The use of Revit is so different in infrastructure than with architecture. Seems that in infrastructure, Sofistik and IFC are the main tools whie Revit is used primarily as a grafic interface. Do I have the right idea?

Dear KKIM, all our SBIM componetes are generic models. There is no option to change that.

With SBIM you have a loot of options to handle complex infrastructure projects inside REVIT. Yes you have the right idea.
Maybe a short video showing the main workflows will help you understand our product concept

To learn about all SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler - SBIM Features you may watch our online video channel:

Thanks Martin for the reply!
Releived that I am at least on the right path.

Can you please elaborate on the topic of view? Is it really normal to use Section views instead of Floor Plan views to illustrate views downward?

If all building components are categorized under generic models, what IFC export settings are normally used?

If it really is the case that the basic functions of Revit (such as view families other than sections, building component categories etc.) are not used, very useful functions within Revit is not implemented. The potential advantages may actually become hinderances to project development.