Rhino to SOFiSTiK - Opposite Z Direction

Dear all,

I am using Rhino and SOFiSTiK components inside Grasshopper to generate a Mesh dat file.

This file I am adding later as a task to the SSD.

Problem I have is that I am not able to have a building facing up and Z axis facing down as it is normal convention in SOFiSTiK.

Please see small example on the picture

I was able to flip the Z Cord in the Mesh dat file using POSZ and NEGZ command but then building is upside down

What am I missing or is there some other command I need to use?

Thanks a lot for any help

Hello Faruk

Why do you want to change the coordinate system?
I don’t see any advantages.

In order to acchieve the desired flip, you have to invert the coordinates of the structure. As you see in the TEDDY script, the coordinates of the SARs don’t change. So the structure is just upside down.

So draw your system upside down, or use some filters in grasshopper to transform the coordinates of the BRPs.

If you find another method please let me know.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Gdir is gravitational direction, i.e. downwards in “real” life.

Just use Gdir NegZ

Thanks a lot for the answer. There is no advantage ist only how it is used to be done in my company and some of Dat files have to be updated with different z direction.

I think the limitation lies in Rhino because it is impossible to change the global coordinate system direction as in AutoCAD. In any case, I will change the Dat files and keep the z-axis facing upwards.


thanks for the suggestion, the thing lies in the positive or negative values of z coordinates. If z coordinates are positive using NEGZ will just flip the building as in picture above