Revit + SOFiSTiK Reinforcement doesn't change accordingly when the column changes

I follow the steps in video tutorial Revit + SOFiSTiK Reinforcement 1/10 - Basic Modeling
and used the revit file from Sofistik: 2024_Bus-Station_Start.rvt

The rebar size is ok when it was put into the column with orinial size 250x250

When column size changes to 450x450, the rebar changes accordingly in the video

But in my model, the rebar deesn’t changes as the same as that in the video

Hello there,
Click the rebar that does not change (once), select “edit constraints” from the upper right menu on the ribbon, and constrain the rebar parts to the edge of the columns or to the rebar cover. It should work.

Look like it allow you to select only one column edge (left orange line) as constrain.
Is it supposed to select all 4 edges?

If you click blue dots … for every side of the rebar … you can constrain those sides to edge or rebar cover(dotted line). In the picture, you are constrained to -221.0 from the edge, you can click the blue symbol near the blue arrows and switch it to rebar cover (dotted). Now if you modify a column and the dimension of a not constrained rebar changes … the rebar does not change.