Revit Sofistik Bridge Adaptive Families

I am interested in the workflow for placing substructure adaptive elements parametrically of a curved bridge via Dynamo in Revit using Sofistik Design add on. Any suggestions how to best accomplish this?

This is the question on the Dynamo forum:

Hi, you will find some information in our SBIM manual

In our SBIM online Library you will find a small example with Revit 2023 , how to work with the dynamo:

Hi Dr.-Ing. Martin Siffling,

I went through the files but couldn’t fined an example for placing the substructure element correctly along the bridge axis via Dynamo.

That’s correct, we just have one example using SBIM Dynamo nodes at the moment !

the example is called “”

it appears, that you’re mixing two different workflows: scripting with Dynamo and SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infastructure Modeler (SBIM)

You may use SBIM Dynamo nodes to provide more automation and flexibility , but it is essential to understand how the basics of the software are working before. E.g. to place , parametrize and rotate Substructure families for skewed bridges.

Later on you may create SBIM Dynamo Scripts to create more complicated projects.

You can find here learning materials:
Webinars - Webinars and Webinar Recordings
Online Documentation -

best Regards,
Jakub Bielski

and some Videos - SOFiSTiK AG How to create Families for SBIM #1 - Simple Families - YouTube