Revit. problem in showing tags + Phases

Hello good afternoon

I’m having a problem in Revit with tagging elements when a phase is established.

I mean, I’m trying to call a tag in a structural planning, but if the Phase filter in not in “None”, the tags will never appear.

I have been trying everything I know. But nothing so far.
It looks that it is impossible to tag an element when phases are chosen.
I do hope there is a solution to it.

Thanks a lot.

Dear @Fullerene,
Thank you for your request. Unfortunatelly, I can’t reproduce the behaviour that you describe with BiMTOOLS 2021-9. Everything works as desired, even with phase filter in a view. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version from the App store.

Please send your purged project to with a description of your issue.

Kind regards
Björn Teutriene

Hello Bjorn
Thanks a lot for your help
I did try what you advised me, but not much success.
I have sent my project with a description of my problem to the email you advised me.
Thanks a lot.

This issue is not about BiMTOOLS but Reinforcement Detailing!!!

Dear Roberto,
The rebar tags doesn’t work because the rebar host is not visible in the view. The tagging tool needs the rebar host to calculate a bounding box where the rebar tags become aligned. This means the problem is not related to the Revit phases. Even if you Unhide the rebar host (e.g. via Element Hide ) the tagging tool will not work anymore.

I recommend to keep the host always visible together with it’s visible rebars. In case you have any urgent reason to have tagged rebars without it’s host I can only recommend to tag the rebars manually by the standard Revit tools.

I hope this information helps and this limitation of the SOFiSTiK tool is not a problem for you!?

Best Regards
Roland Polster