Relative displacement between levels

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I’m doing a seismic survey using DYNA and I need to check the relative displacement between my levels to validate my study. So I’m wondering how do I get this information ? In EC 8, this corresponds to section with the following equation: dr x v < 0.005 h

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Nicolas HUBER


In module DYNA you need to enter command EXTR TYPE S_DX and the drift values in global X direction of the storey level will be evaluated.


How to enter those commands? And how to show results of those commands?


With which program are you working at the moment?
The screenshot shows the TEDDY command “EXTR”.
The shown screenshot can be found within the DYNA manual:

TEDDY / SSD > Help > Manuals > All Manuals > dyna > chapter 3.16 “EXTR - Evaluation of Max. Internal Forces and Moments”

The command can be entered directly in a +prog DYNA calculation within the TEDDY.

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I don’t see your screenshot, but I’m using Sofistik 2020-5.1 with Sofiplus-X as graphical processor. For example if I want Sofistik to calculate storey shear force, displacement and drift I would add EXTR MAX S_PT, EXTR MAX S_UT and EXTR MAX S_DT as separate lines in TEDDY under DYNA module before END statement? Example shown in screenshot:

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