Reinforcment generation in Revit from Robot

I’m very new to SOFiSTiK and I just tried to generate reinforcment in a simple slab with the help of SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation. I use Robot Structural Analysis as the Revit results package. Why doesn’t SOFiSTiK generate the same reinforcment as the provided reinforcment in Robot? They look very similiar but they are not identical. Why?

Hi @denish97!

Please allow me to answer with a questions :slight_smile:
If you give the analysis results for the same slab to two engineers do you think they will interpret them in the same manner?

Of course there’s a chance to reach the same result but I think is a bigger chance that they chose different main mesh diameters and steps and additional reinforcement.

In this video you see where the file that controls these rules for beams and columns is saved and the way you can edit this file to reach your desired result. In the same place is also the file that controls additional rules for slabs and walls.

I recommend to see all those 3 videos from youtube (related to the link above) concerning reinforcement generation.

The philosophy of all SOFiSTiK products is to let the user to control the rules how the reinforcement will be generated (in RCG case) and won’t deliver a hard coded algoritm where the user cannot be in control of the output.

I hope my answer cleared a bit things out.
Enjoy using SOFiSTiK Reinforcemen Generation!

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Hi! Thanks for your prompt response!
So when it comes to SOFiSTiK, it still generates the required reinforcment but in a different way than Robot?

exactly, you just proved it :slight_smile:

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