Reinforcement generation problem

How do you create reinforcement more than once in the same direction for the same layer like in the picture below?

Is this possible with Sofistik?

Hi denish97,

I do not quite understand your question. Could you please give us more information about your workflow?

With SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation all rebar sets of one layer are generated at once.

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Thanks for the response!

I’m trying to use Sofistik reinforcement generation to create reinforcment for a simple slab. I use a Robot Structural Analysis file as the Revit result package instead of a Sofistik Database when generating the rebars. In Sofistik, you can only generate rebars once in the same direction for the same layer. How do I then generate two sets of rebars in the same direction like in the picture above?

I simply want to generate two rebar sets for the same layer in the same direction like in the picture.
How do I do that with Sofisitik?

Hi Denis,

all the required rebar sets of one layer should be generated for the whole slab at once, so there’s no need to generate reinforcement of one layer multiple times.

If it doesn’t work correctly in your project, you can send me your Revit project and Robot Structural Analysis file to investigate your problem.
Please upload your files at a file transfer service of your choice or send a mail to

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I just want to generate the required reinforcement. When I generate it with Sofistik, it tells me that there is “still required” reinforcement when I use the check function. How is that possible when the provided reinforcement was set to be higher then the required amount in the settings? You answered in an other post that it has to do with the concrete cover. Does that mean that the still required reinforcement at the edges is negligible because of the cover and up to the civil engineer to decide if it’s okay?

Hi Denis :wink:,
if the analytical model of the slab reaches to the edges, there are design results at the edges that are visualised by SOFiSTiK. The rebars that are created by SOFiSTiK interacts with their host element by automatically constraining to planar references. The bar seeks the nearest host element cover surface.

This is why there are areas where reinforcement is required according to the design results, but because of the reinforcement cover there are no rebars.

What do you wish to happen in this case?

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