Reinforcement bars in sections using grasshopper

I need to put reinforcement bars in my section, using the SOFiSTiK plugin in Grasshopper. Can anyone help me on how to do it ?

Thank you


Hello Christel

Have you seen our Rhino / Grasshopper online tutorials?

These tutorials explain the general modelling features.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello, thank you for your response. Yes, I saw the tutorials, therefore, I need the equivalent of LRF, reinforcement with passive steel and not only tendons, did I miss it in one of the tutorials ?

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You have various options for defining cross-section in Rhino/Grasshopper.

  • section from brep
  • section from a cdb ( → SOFiPLUS(-X))
  • setion definition in JSON format

At the moment I don’t know how you defined the cross-section.

If you are defining the cross section with SOFiPLUS(-X), you can use the standard commands of SOFiPLUS(-X).
For detailed description of a parametrized bridge workflow in Revit/Grasshopper/SOFiSTiK/SOFiPLUS please have a look at this free webinar.

If you are defining the cross section in the JSON format, you can use the commands

If you are using the command ‘section from brep’, it is not possible to include a line reinforcement. This command only creates the boundaries of a section.

Good morning,
Thank you for your help ! I will surely watch the webinar.
I also found a way, but I don’t know if it will work well yet in the structure. Therefore, I can already visualize the bars in the section report in SOFiSTiK:

Effectivly, I am creating a section from brep, which seems to be less flexible than a section from JSON file.
Do you think that my way of solving could be a solution as well for my problem ?

Best regards,
Christel S.

This looks like a suitable solution. In order to check the correctness of the cross-section, you could export the section to TEDDY with the AQUA block. Then you could run the section directly within the TEDDY and check the created cross-section with the result viewer.


Alright, thank you !

I have another thing that is blocking me, and I can’t find my mistake. I will open another topic so that people can access it later on easily.