Rebar Shape Image in Revit schedule

Hello community. Is there any way I can make the images inside Revit schedule more “sharper”, just like they are in exported word file? Here’s screenshot from pdf file.

Also in case of this shape (Pos. 28), the value (16) of the side segment is almost unreadable. Would be best if we could control the image format and font sizes in the future

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In case of SOFiSTiK_RebarShape_26, here we can see that the segment “4” could have been placed a bit to the side so it doesn’t collide with the Shape detail line.

Similar problem in Schedule and Shape Image. Is there any way this can be improved in the next versions?

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In case of SOFiSTiK_RebarShape_41, shape detail looks great

but in a schedule image, two values overlap.

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In case of SOFiSTiK_RebarShape_13, shape detail also great…

but a schedule image has a value displayed upside down. Not a big deal tho :smile:

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Hello Mirzav, nice to meet you, I want to know if you managed to solve this problem you had, since I am now with the same problem.
I really appreciate your answer.