Rebar reinforcement customizing in Revit

While Im trying to name horizontal rebars in a section its occurring a warning and doesnt let me to apply that.
Here i have uploaded an image.

Thank you for your help:)

Hello @Deen

the red error message I have never seen before … I am very curious how did you managed to get it.

While the one in the background, which is a warning, it let’s you now that you cannot hide a specific rebar in that view. The reason beeing that then all the bars from the set won’t be visible anymore. I am guesssing you try to “Hide and Tag” (Ausblenden und Beschriften) horizontal bars, when I think your purpose actually is to tag it. Do following: select the bar to be tagged (one or more sets, does not matter) and click on “Tag All” (Alles). It will be tagged only the bars selected. Or you could click direct on “Missing” (Fehlende) it will tag then only the sets which doesn’t have already a tag.

I hope that helped, otherwise I would suggest to send your file to our support team with the description of the behaviour. You can use the Support Assistant in SOFiSTiK Application Manager

I wish you all the best!