Rebar in formwork in shape of a trumpet


is it possible to lay rebar of variable length in soficad in the shape of a trumpet? I have enclosed picture.

Thank you Tomaz
Zajeta slika

Hello @TomazSabec,

Sure you can, it is very simple.

Have a look on this video

If something is not clear enaugh please let me know.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Are there any more tutorials like this or was this one made specially for me? It would help a lot.


You are welcome.

There are more videos on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe and browse through our video gallery.

In case of any question or suggestion feel free to contact us.

I have already seen all those videos and I am already subscribed to Sofistik channel. Example you’ve posted as a solution to my question is not in those videos. I understand you cant share private tutorials, no worries. Thanks for all your help and have a nice day.


@TomazSabec if you are interested in an online training I would suggest to contact us via email to or via phone +49 (0)911 39901-0