Reaction Force and Diagram of results

I am use Sofistik Analise in Revit, then it is able to calculate Members Force but not and Reaction Force.
I do not way, I do not where is my error
If you have any Video ore PDF doc about calculate Reaction Force, please send it to me.
For this reason, I cannot show diagram of results!
Thanks a lot


Have you seen our online Revit BIM Tutorial?

There are the basic workflows for the SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design Tool explained.

If you need further information, you can look into our online documentary. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Analysis + Design für Revit

Or you head over to my fellow colleague. He has many SOFiSTiK (Revit) tutorials on his website.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

I hope that you will help me with this problem!
In foto “1 Model” is model of project, in mechanical way this problem is chosen (see foto “2 OK”). This problem was chosen also with Robot software ( see foto “3 Robot Structural OK”).
Now the question is:
Why can I not choose this problem in Sofistik in Revit?
Where is my error?
Why can I not show the Results of Moments diagram (see fotot “Error”)?

Thanks a lot for your support!

Have you analysed the system?


Can you see any other results? Can you see the reaction forces with the external Graphical Output (SOFiSTiK Graphic)?