RC design module

When using RC Design for calculation of reinforcement of section in biaxial bending with axial force, program sometimes increases input forces by random factor.

Sometimes forces Ni, Myi and Mzi in report broswer are the same as those I typed in, and then for some reason in other check for same cross section they are all increased by a radnom factor.

Do you know the cause for this?


Without any results I can’t tell you the reason for the increase of the internal forces.
Perhaps they are increased by a safety factor.
Have you checked your results with a calculation by hand?

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

I think that I figured it out in the meantime. Myi is capacity design moment, not the acting one, and I made input of cross section with minimum reinforcement. So on this cross section required reinf is lower than minimal defined and so I get increase in capacity moment.

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