Questions about Free Area Loading in Sofiload

  1. WIDE: Range in direction of projection specification only if specific PROJ selected
    How to use it?
  2. GFA: Surface number of BRICs.
    How do I know the surface number?
  3. NREF: Reference node for coordinate values.
    How to use it?
  4. I know the gormetry location of the pressure as shown in green arrows. The pressure is along the golbal X axis. How to define it in Sofistik Teddy? The mesh in created in Rhino.


Please read the corresponding chapter (3.15 Free Loading) in the SOFiLOAD manual.

  1. Simply define a length [m], but note that the “definition of WIDE is ignored if an explicit reference REF [is] given.” (SOFiLOAD manual page 3-47 f)
  2. At first, you don’t have to give a number in order to refer to a GAF. But if you like to, you can find the area reference within the GRAPHIC (see picture)

AREA ref gfa nr 1 typ pzz p1 10 6.2 0.05 4 p2 10 6.2 0 4 p3 10 6.4 0 4 p4 10 6.4 0.05 4

  1. You define a base point and all defined coordinates within the command (-> P1 P2 P3 P4) refer to this new base point.

  2. Have you tried to use a local area load (typ pz)?

Here is a short example that describes the function.
AREA explanations.dat (2.0 KB)

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