Question about Superposition Manager

I am a civil engineering student and I’m modelling in Sofistik for my master thesis (my model is steel industrial building with concrete and steel plates).
My question is about a Superposition Manager. When I edit it I can’t open/use/click on the left upper tab called Combination rules (like it’s ‘frozen’, and only tab that is open and usable is the right one Superposition Commands ).
So, is the ‘use’ 'of this tab not allowed in the student version of the program or something else causes this impossibility?
Thank you for your help.


the definition of the combination rules is not available in this dialogue box. It is not restriction in the student version.

In this window you can only request for the results you want to receive.

If you want you can define the combination rules in the ‘Define Combination’ graphical task beforehand.