Question about shear stress and shear capacity

Q1. I define a shear cut: 1 in aqua,

but in wingraf, there is another shear cut: ZS, what does it mean?
There are shear stresses at shear cut 1, but there is no shear stress at shear cut ZS.


Q2. How to get the shear capacity?

Hi netsonic,

“ZS” is a standard shear cut at gravity center. If the cross section was exploded from a standard T-beam section, you should see this shear cut in the cross section editor. The creation of standard cuts can be controlled with CTRL SCUT in AQUA or in the cross section properties.

The shear capacity can be found in the report browser output of AQB/Task “Design ULS”. You have to set the text output for shear design to “full output”. Then you will find the values in the table “Required Shear reinforcements”

Best regards,

Is it possible to show th shear capacity in the wingraph in the near future version?