Question about GDIV

  1. GDIV=0

    For Base 1 and 100000, the amount of element is 99999,
    while for base 200000 and 250000, the amount of element is only 9999?
    What about 260000?

  2. GDIV<0
    The manual does’t provide any example. Could you show me any example?


  1. The amount of numbers depends on the difference between the base number of the current group and the base of the next group.

  2. There is no example of every little detail of the software. Please try to explore the behavior of the software yourself. The theory is descirbed within the manual. If you need further help, you should watch the basic tutorials, or visit an SOFiSTiK Training (-> Training & Project Support)

From 1:29 the SOFiSTiK groups are explained.

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