Python-Interface: Find Beam cross Section


I want to export beam elements from the cdb via the python plugin. With the BEAM Datastructure I only get some of the information needed, like the beam number and its length. I already found a workaround to also get the group number via the start and end node. But I didnt find a way to link a beam with its cross section. Is there a datastructure, which allows me to read also group number and cross section number for every beam element from the database?

Paul Merz

  • In the cbeam class (100/0) you can get beam number, length and connecting nodes
  • In the cbeam_sct class (100/0) you can get the sections belonging to a beam
  • In the cgrp class (11/0) you can get the minimum and maximum element of a group (look for an entry with typ 100 to get results specific for beam elements)

Then you will have to cross reference your element number with the element range of the group.

I don’t really understand how you can get the group number from nodes as node numbering has nothing to do with groups (unless by coincidence).

The easiest way to start understanding the database is to:

  • Look at the cdbase help file
  • Create a project with the elements you are interested in and look at the database
  • Look at the structures in the “example files” like

Try to keep track of the record name (e.g. beam_sct) AND the record number (e.g. 100/00). You need to somewhat know the numbers to keep track of the numbers to search the cdb and the help file. (Numbers are in the comments in the python file so you can search for it)