Progressive collapse

Is it possible to perform the analysis of structure “progressive collapse” by means of “loosing” the structure members due to buckling or breaking? Analysis should give the maximal load factor for specific load case for which structure as a whole can withstand even if single structure members are lost.



we do not have a principal feature for this type of analysis.

As you might know, all SOFiSTiK elements are organized in groups. While performing a linear or nonlinear analysis with our module ASE you may use the option GRP to switch on or off specific groups of elements. Also you can perform an analysis base on a primary loadcase (SYST PLC…) , which means the new analysis starts with an initial load situation and redistribute internal loads to find an equilibrium in case elements will be switched off.

An easy way to study the workflow is our module CSM (construction stage manager). You will find many TEDDY examples showing the various options of the CSM.
Start the TEDDY and click on examples (" Beispiele")

Then navigate to the CSM examples

I recommend to set up a little example, remove on element, an study the program behavior.
Hope that helps.