Problems with opening a cdb file

Currently, I’m trying to learn working with the python interface. Therefore, I tried to run the examples provided by sofistik. But, I found out that I’m not able to open some files.
An example file that I can’t open is found by the following path on your pc: “C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2024\SOFiSTiK 2024\interfaces\examples\python\python_3.x\read_nodes\read_nodes.cdb”

Do I need to install some additional packages to open that file?

Do anyone know to solve that problem, so I can open this files again.

file with cdb ending is a sofistik database file. if you can open other cdb files why is it not possible to open it unless it is corrupted.

The problems seems that I’m working with the educational packages.
As I’m working with the educational package, I’m not able to open files created by the commercial software. There is a slightly differents between both.

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