Post Tensioned Diaphragm Wall with HS Soils - How to model water level?

Hello everyone,

I have been testing your software for some time. I wanted to create a model of a diaphragm wall and then introduce tendon in post-tension system. I encountered a problem when I wanted to model the free water level in the ground. I tried to find a solution on the forum, in tutorials and help, but I found no answer. Is it possible to model 2 different levels of groundwater? Bottom of the diaphragm wall is in the impermeable layer of soils. In front of the wall, excavation site, as a result of dehydration, I will have the water level lowered by several meters, whereas the soil created as Hardening -Soil.
I would appreciate it if you could help mi with this feature. How can I model water levels?

Thanks in advance for any tips and comments

Dear Mr Stasiukiewicz,

I hope I understand your question correctly. You want to calculate the consequences of the seepage on a diaphragm wall. For this case we have created an example that you can find in the TEDDY:
File > Examples > talpa > embedded-wall > wall-hyd-uls.dat
If this example can’t help you understanding the workflow, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Frederik Höller
SOFiSTiK Support Team