Post tensioned bridge with tendons in the transversal direction


Im trying to define the tendons of a post tensioned bridge. The tendons in the longitudinal direction was easly done using the beam PT editor. However, Im struggling to modell the tendons in the transversal direction. I did a small research in this forum, but did not find a simmilar topic.

Does anyone have a ideia of where I could get more information about this?

Thanks very much.

Dear Sakiyama,

in case you model your bridge with standard beam system you cannot apply any tenodns in transfer direction. This not possible inside a beam system. You need to model your structure with beams in longitudinal direction and with shell elements (QUAD elements) in transversal direction. Now you can define the tendons inside the QUAD elements as transvers post tensioning.
Hope that helps.
Cheers Martin

Maybe this video from Jurgen could help.