Possible to specify curvature for Axis Placements?

When defining Placements along an axis using the Axis Placement by Parameter component, a local working plane (placement plane) is created. The working planes are aligned perpendicular to the axis and additional rotations can be specified. However, is it possible to specify a curvature? For example, is it possible to have abutment walls with a curvature following an additional alignment of an underlying road?

Hello Johan

I am not completely sure what you want to model. Could you maybe draw a quick sketch?
All possible inputs of the command "Axis Placement by Parameter are described in the grasshopper manual on our website.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hi Frederik,

I am trying to model a concrete closed portal frame bridge/underpass. The bridge has a skew and the frame legs are curved, having a radius, following the alignment of the underlying road. I am having trouble finding a good approach taking into account both the radius and the skew.

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