Posision of Lanes using Traffic Loade

Hello from Greece
I am working on bridge designe for many years using Sofistik, but I am a new user of
ELLA and Traffic Loader. I want to ask you if I can put group of lanes LM1 300 LM1 200 LM1 100 and so on at a position that I want let say left but not near curbstone but 0.8cm from it and use this 0.80cm as residual area.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately your question is not clear to me, can you elaborate by adding a sketch or sth?

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Thank you for your reply
You are right. Let me simplify my question. If a have understand well the traffic loader generates three positions for the arrangement of TS and UDL loads. Left, middle and right. I ask if I Can modify (in the traffic loader) the position of these blocks (Left, middle and right) by moving them, in order the pattern of the arrangement to suits better with the arrangement of my beams (for a deck with prestressed beams let say). As far as I know I can do this using sofiload and ella with a text editor, but the use of traffic loader is faster, I can see what I do and make changes easily, while with text editor, I have to extract to load cases and check if I am right with the position of the lanes and their loads, with wingraf. I know, something Iwin something I loose, but……….
Sorry for the position of my text. Something went rong!!!
Thanks in advance