Plastic analysis in SOFiSTiK

I am trying to do a plastic analysis in a concrete plate.
I have found the AQUA manual, chapter 3.25 about springs. But is this applicable for plates, or only beams?

How do you go about implementing it, are you supposed to specify the placement (coordinates) of the spring?

Or is there an easier way to do a plastic analysis in sofistik?

All kind of examples regarding nonlinear quad calculations can be found in our TEDDY examples. Goto menu File > Examples > ase > english > nonlinear_quad.

The way how we analyse cracked concrete slabs is explained in a tutorial as well.

The SMAT command explaind in AQUA manuel refers to spring or beam hinges, which cannot be used for quad elements. Only if you slice you slab into parts and connect these parts with nonlinear springs you can achieve some plastic hinge effects.

I would go for the cracked concrete analysis in combination with specific concrete material laws.
Please check the a1_introduction_example.dat form the above mentioned nonlinear_quad example folder.

Thank you! Will check it out.