Numbering of reinforcement group


I am a recent user of sofistik reinforcement and I have a small problem.

I often use the revit group tool to group the reinforcements.
However when numbering the rebars with sofistik, it turns out that the numbering is done by group, that is to say that even if I have an identical rebar ( in shape and diameter) in the two rebar groups A and B (for example), the rebar mark will not be the same.

Is there any way to number rebars normally without taking into account the presence of rebar groups.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Mehdi,
in the last view versions, there came a lot of new settings and rules for the numbering with SOFiSTiK Reinforcement. But there’s no possibility to consider rebar groups (made by the SOFiSTiK Group tool) for the equality check. So identical rebars get the same mark, even if they’re in different rebar groups.
If you get different marks, please check the Settings > Tab Marks and all properties that affects the numbering of the rebar sets/groups, which should get the same mark:

  • SOFiSTiK_Assignment
  • Bar Type
  • SOFiSTiK_ShapeCode
  • Hooks (if you have hooks, the Workshop Instructions should also be the same)
  • Segment Lengths
  • SOFiSTiK_BarLength
  • (SOFiSTiK_Layer, SOFiSTiK_Member and SOFiSTiK_Revision, if these parameters are considered for equality check in the settings)

I hope this helps.
If the problem still exists and you can’t find a solution, please send your problem and revit file to the technical support:

Kind Regards
SOFiSTiK Support Team