Number of structural line XXXXX exceeds the allowed maximum of 99999

When running SofimshC, it shows more than 50 warings like

+++++ warning no. 241 in program readStructuralEdge
Number of structural line 107081 exceeds the allowed maximum of 99999

I use GDIV=-1000. How to avoid this error?


At first this is a warning not an error. I am not sure how you created this warning. I thought (for gdiv<0) the maximum number of items for a group is calculated dynamically with a cap of 1 million items per group. So I would check which group number was assigned to the structural lines shown. Maybe you can reduce the system enough to identify the bug in the code. Have you tried your code with a group divisor > 0?

Explanations of the SOFiSTiK group definition:

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The SLN number 107081 doesn’t exceed 1 million, and “allowed maximum of 99999” doesn’t exceed 1 million either.