Not turning off supports [WINGRAF]

Hi, I have a problem with not turning off temporary supports. When we look on visulaization the supports are off, but in real are still on. Pics in attachment. Any ideas what could be causing it?

  1. Stage before off

2st pic in comment.

Thank you for help!

  1. Stage after off

I think your looking at the “total loads” in csm (4000), i.e. the sum of everything that has happened up until step 245 (lc 4245).

If you are interested in the individual load effect you have to look at the difference load case.
Should be lc 5245.

My fault. You are right. Thanks!

However, if we look at 5245 stage, the nodes dispalcement look 0 in place of supports (temporary support in mid of main span). Here’s screen: