Non-linear analysis in SLS

I’m trying to use nonlinear analysis in SLS for a concrete slab.
I created a model according to youtube tutorial:
and in next step I inserted the task: nonlinear analysis.
I don’t know why I can’t choose any combination for nonlinear analysis:

What could I have done wrong? I will be very grateful for any suggestions.


you have no SLS load case combination. First you have to use task Combine Loads where you assign SLS load case and then task Analysis of Combined Loads.

Other option is to assign SLS (type of action) directly with ase:


HEAD Calculation of forces and moments

LC 1001 type ( P)
lcc 1 fact 1
lcc 2 fact 0.4

You cannot use envelopes in nonlinear analysis.


Thank you,
How to correctly insert a design parameters of area elements? I insterted a task “design parameters of area elements”

but program still show warning: “no reinforcement for wuad elements defined” in non-linear analysis.