Non-linear Analysis in SLS - License

I am trying to do a non-linear anlysis using the task Non-linear Analysis in SLS but I have this error:

Licensing problem!
No CodeMeter with valid license for ASE4 found

What license should I have in order to do a non-linear analysis?

These are the installed programs for ASE:

Thank you!

Dear Andrei,
it looks like you have a professional license. Please contact our support via the official channel We need to have all your contact data, Name Company, customer number, for further investigation.
This type of questions connot be answered here.
Thanks for your kind understanding
Dr. Martin Siffling
SOFiSTiK Support Team


Thank you for your reply.
I’ve contacted
Indeed, I need an upgrade of the license. With my license I can do this kind of analysis only on a 2D model.