No minimum reinforcement in concrete beam

I use SSD to analysis simple beam and design reinforcement in beam by using ACI318M-08 code. But the minimum reinforcement in report after calculated “Design ULS (Beam)” is equal 0. I want to check As,design is more than As,min. can it show As,min?

Hello Piyawat,
You can have a look at the Asmin at module AQUA Cross section

The Parameters for reinforcements are only for information.
For As,design check table required reinforcements, or graphical output via Graphics/Wingraf.
Attached a small example:
ACI.sofistik (149.4 KB)
ACI.dwg (139.2 KB)

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Thankyou. I want to check minimum reinforcement with ACI code from this equations.

The Reinforcement global values will change when edit reinforcement in cross sections.
Or i have to calculate and edit minimum reinforcement in cross section.

Hello Piyawat,
You can control the minimum reinforcement in AQB using the command DESI AM1 to AM4.
These values are read from the ini file of the corresponding standard. You will find this file in the program directory with the name us_aci-318-08.ini, you can open it with any text editor (e.g. Teddy). If you want to change the ini file I recommend to copy it into your project directory. The ini file, which is located in your project directory, will be prioritized.
There is no direct output using the calculation of minimum reinforcement according to standard, but it should be taken into account.
For your own understanding and for your confidence in the software, I recommend that you determine the minimum reinforcement according to standard in ACI manually and compare it with the results of design.

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