No AutoCAD detected when installing Sofiplus 2020

Win 10 x64 1909, AutoCAD 2020 Simplified Chinese

No problem when installing Sofistik 2020, Sofistik 2020 for Rhino

But when trying to install Sofiplus 2020, it shows 'No AutoCAD detected", can’t continue the installation.

Hi netsonic_Sofistik,

SAM is searching for the following path in the registry:


Please open this entry and send the description of your problem together with a screenshot of the opened registry key to

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If I use SAM online instllation, all CAD related components, such as Sofiplus(-X), SofiCAD can be installed.
But if I double click the cached msi
it show error: can’t detect AutoCAD 2020.

But I can install non-CAD related component such as
by double clicking the cached msi.

Please be patient, our experts are currently working on your request.
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We do not support starting (like double-clicking) the MSI files directly. The MSI files require additional parameters which need to be set. We have created the SOFiSTiK Application Manager to make it easier to install and update software.

SOFiSTiK products can be installed in two different ways:

  1. You can use the SOFiSTiK Application Manager user interface to install software. This is the simplest and easiest way to install the software.

  2. Or you can use the SOFiSTiK Application Manager commandline tools to install the software. This is especially useful in automated deployment scenarios. This option provides maximum flexibility. You can even create custom mirrors of our application update content to be able to serve product updates over LAN. This is also the option which requires more initial effort. You can find the details here: