Moment in frame node isn't same !?

G , Snow and wind are ok but when combined there is a problem with node moment…pls help

Just a guess:
Maybe the direction of the beam elements are different. So max and min got mixed up.



in the screenshot the superimposed bending moment My of the beam elements is shown. You have not described why you think there is a problem. Or the question is: What do you expect?

The preferred workflow to check the superposition results is to use the printout of the program MAXIMA. Please note the ECHO options of MAXIMA.

The superposition results depend on the used action combination and the initial load cases of the actions. The dead loads of the action G and action S act in negative Y direction. The wind loads acts in X direction (+ or -). In my opinion the superimposed bending moments are plausible for vertical loads G and S (snow only on one side?) and a horizontal wind load in positive X direction.

For a detailed answer I need more information about the values of the initial load cases and the defined action combinations including the load case definitions (dead loads as permanent, snow loads conditional and wind loads exclusive).

Sabine Fahrendholz
Product Management