Modeling a simply supported 2 span bridge

Hello ,
i am working on a project in sofistik 2020.Its a simply supported three span bridge(that is 3 independent simply supported spans) with multiple composite beams .its gonna be 4 to 6 beams and the spans will be 33 m.I need advice in modeling the bridge.I looked in various sources and i saw that i can model the bridge with a 3d frame.In this case how do i represent the supports?I know that i have to use springs but what about the middle supports?And what about the joint between the spans?Actually this is the biggest question for me .At least for the start .How do i model the joints .I saw somewhere i can use gap elements?What does that mean?Or do i simply use a moment release between the spans?But dont i have to represet the gap with the distance in meters?
Also there is a serious possibility i will use slab links .what do i do then ?
In general if you can help with the modeling it would be very useful for me .
Thank you.

Hi konna, these are too general questions. You are trying to ask a medical device manufacturer how to treat your teeth while you need a dentist.
You should create a simple model within the framework of your understanding of how the bridge works, and then ask more specific, complex questions if you want to better account for the specifics of how the structure works.

SofiplusX (AutoCAD based model creator) seems to me the easiest way to create a model to start