Missing marks (Revit)

hello good afternoon
In the elevation view…when i press “tag all”, only few reinforcements is shown…

if i check all the reinforcements are marked, assigned to a sheet, in fact, when i use shape detail i can retrieve it. and in the schedule i have them…
in the plan view as well i have them.
I have this problem only in the elevation view.
i have been loosing 2 days on it…tryied everything i could.
i hope some of you have the right answer.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @Fullerene,

Well this is a bit complicate to diagnoze from your describing.

Please send to support(at)sofistik(dot)com an email with the description of the behaviour and your model also attached. You can simplify your model to make it smaller and send it via wetransfer for example.

To get an answer as fast as possible and to help us help you please let us know the elevation name and name of the command you are using, what you expect and what you actually get. Information about the Revit version and RCD Version is also useful to know.

My colleagues will answer you as soon as they investigated the issue. Make sure you leave also a phone number in case they need to call you. :wink:


Hello @andrei
good morning
I have been trying to contact the sofistik help desk and service…but they always tell me that there is a forum for the student version. …
i tried to upload it here…“new users can not upload files”…
not much chance…haha
if you have an email address i can send it there…
thanks a lot.