Missing alignment options in Traffic Loader

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I am trying to set up my traffic loader and in the first tab ‘Lanes’, I get only two options for the lane alignment, center and superstructure width, while normally I should be able to see 4 options in total, left, right, center and superstructure width.

It has worked perfectly in previous projects and even this time, when I reduce the width of the carriageway (curbstone left - curbstone right) to 10 m, I am again able to see the 4 normally available options which are again reduced to 2 when increasing the carriageway width.

I find the whole thing peculiar, is there something that I am anaware of that I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance.

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The lane alignment suggests a possible lane structure according to the selected design code. The program therefore checks various conditions and suggests a possible alignment.
The options “left” and “right” are available if the carriageway width is not equal with an integer multiplication of 3,00 m and the maximum width of the carriageway is 20,00 m.

The different conditions are explained in the following video.

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